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First question: Why do you think you can write?
A familiar voice? An inner voice! Listen... The other sounds you hear this sound familiar? Much more negative than positive that their voices sound familiar. Let me give an example: Suppose a sculptor who wants a piece of rough stone and the shape of the body can become a prince, but it seems to be impossible in many people's The authors also do not expect to create a masterpiece from scratch. 

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William Shakespeare 

In the early sixteenth century, in a village near the city "Astrtfvrd" state in Warwick, England, Richard Zare Shakespeare lived. One of his sons, "John" in the year 1551 was a busy skinner Astrtfvrd job 'Mary Jordan. "Daughter of a wealthy farmer's wife chose. Marie on April 26, 1564 a son and his name "William" was. The baby boy gradually active, playful and naughty, and went to school and learned Latin and Greek. Due to the downturn of his career, but was forced to make a living, he left school and his or her job. Some say that he was initially apprenticed with a butcher because of severe childhood attachment to the literature, rhetoric at the time calves are killing the song and the lyrics said.

In 1582 when I was eighteen years old, twenty-five-year-old girl in love with the wedding of the village adjacent to each other, and they soon had three children. Since then, Shakespeare began an eventful life and was so impressed by the actors and their view of art, which only went up to London to gain more success, and then more for the family to a comfortable life provide.
After arriving in London, he went to a different theater, where he was engaged in the protection of clients' horses, but gradually found its way into the theater and pay to fix the unfinished plays, and a little later the theater and pay to play. Later backstage assumed other duties. He used this experience was invaluable for keeping track of things so skillfully that jealousy prompted fellow.
In the course of popular actress and playwright, was not considered respectable, middle-class professionals who were influenced by religious belief, opposed it knew of his affairs. Only the upper class and the poor who were interested in drama and theater. It was then that the parts Shakespeare wrote poetry that was his reputation, and in 1594 Queen Elizabeth I in the presence of both comedy and in 1597 the palace Gvynvych played his first comedy called "useless struggle love" at the Queen's View And since then, he regularly plays theater was sponsored by the Queen.  Elizabeth died in 1603, but the royal procedural changes were attributed to Shakespeare. Shakespeare and the actors as James I granted permission to display. He plays in theater "Globe" which was located on the southern shore of the River Thames, was playing. The best plays of Shakespeare Globe Theatre was carried out the same. Each night a large number of men and women of that time came to the theater to see Shakespeare performed by renowned "Lord Chymbrlyn 'requirements. Flag on the roof of the theater that was showing it to other performances will begin shortly. Shakespeare in all his years of tireless effort - both as a writer and as an actor - worked. This, in addition to Shakespeare plays, including the works of other writers, "Christopher Marlowe" and other author's new name "Jen Johnson" to carry out, but it works, "William Shakespeare" the greatest number of viewers It took the theater.

Shakespeare soon acquired the material and spiritual success and eventually became involved in theater ownership. In 1613, while playing in this theater play "Henry VIII" fuel next year, re-opened, it was not Shakespeare's time, it had returned to his hometown with his wealth. Shakespeare's in 1610 at age 46 working Astrtfvrd breath and returned to live in London where the noise is distant. Now it's more or less what he was looking for all those years, had won. In this period of his life, wrote plays, including "Winter" and "Hurricane" which first came into force in 1611. Shakespeare in April 1616 closed the eyes of the world and its literary treasures unique to their countrymen and all the people had left. He is located in Cathedral City Astrtfvrd Rmgah his house to its original condition shrines have always been interested in literature and the city celebrated every year in memory of this great man will be held.

According to a number of Shakespeare plays each year to go on stage, it can be concluded that he has written it very fast. For instance, he allegedly spent two weeks writing the play "There Vynzr the women" (which was performed in 1601) has. Most of Shakespeare's plays are written in a small room in the theater building. Most likely, a compact form of the play - the plot to the characters and other elements of the show - grab the paper got... In the end it developed a little later, when his acting roles were dramatic adaptation, has set its final form.
Shakespeare often projects are nothing new. In fact, he did not create the story itself, but rather a variety of sources such as history and so on is an old myth. Shakespeare's source book, "Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland" by "Halynshd" is. Tales of Shakespeare's plays, including "Henry V," "Richard III" and "King Lear" was the same book.
The Works of Shakespeare's plays is left, can be: Hamlet, Twelfth Night, Othello, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, The Merchant of Venice, Richard II, as you ask, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, hurricane, efforts fruitless love... Noted.
Romeo and Juliet is set in five curtains, and twenty-three scenes of the play, Titus Andrvnykvs not to make, the first is Shakespeare's tragic plays. Exact date is not known written between 1591 and 1595 and was written, but the writing style and the type of content and more general view of the show, which is supposed to be about the year 1595.
Hamlet is the greatest play of all ages. Hamlet on the apex of the world shines in dramatic literature and peaks, and moments of great comic effect. You can read that line over and over again each time a new discovery was achieved. To the world stage and bring it to the world again fell into deep mysteries. The play, man is lost, then a deadlock, it raises some moments full of joy and the depths of despair that sometimes pulling people. Play the role of a man with all his mind and soul involved and took down her own.