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First question: Why do you think you can write?
A familiar voice? An inner voice! Listen... The other sounds you hear this sound familiar? Much more negative than positive that their voices sound familiar. Let me give an example: Suppose a sculptor who wants a piece of rough stone and the shape of the body can become a prince, but it seems to be impossible in many people's The authors also do not expect to create a masterpiece from scratch. 

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 Literal translation 

Literary translation, literary translation work. In other words, a fact which obviously must begin  It was used to describe this type of translation. Literary translation, which is inherently subjective activity within the network Is a complex of social and cultural trends. Should creative writing, clearly and intuitively Translator  With a single mentality often translates to say, make one.Literary translators have to define the elements of the hierarchy established in the literature (poetry, drama and  Prose) or a denial, look into the eyes or hearts to memorize satisfaction. Typically, in this way, high culture  As revealed in the category of science fiction and fantasy, children's literature and popular literature are  Place. This classification reflects the general assumptions about the relative value and can be difficult  Constructive elements are translated literary translation, the eyes see. Cultural theorists, postmodern Some scholars translate, this classification has been criticized. They say how  Judgment due to neutral level, type, ethnicity and race, made up through a combination of measures  On the distracting, these attacks are also caused the author to assure their understanding of  What readers wrote in support of a variety of interpretations, from the author of a dignified and royal  The Downs and landed a place for readers around the world and has Namtksr (Vnvty.) 1992

Literary translators work implicitly and sometimes explicitly, criterion validity, cultural nationalism and the decline of the author
Challenge demands.  Literary translator, bilingual and cultural lives, and so does the prospect that the  Traditional geographic boundaries can not be seen. His writing is in fact unstable  Contemporary culture. In the former, the transition from pseudo-political boundaries, it is permanent. At  Mock and most monolingual dictionaries, including the type of Anglo-Saxon culture, it is no  House interpreter mode call precarious foundation, Thdydamyzsh know. Literary Translators  Are sensitive to the cultural convergence, because the works are translations that are Yaznd  For whatever reason, have chosen to translate the quartiles, and now there was nothing but silence, and silence.  They often play an important role. For example, to translate the works are proposed, or when  Foreign authors or their agents for publishers send their books, reports  Readers often wrote to the publishers they make choices implicitly Ghayymtrjm  That effect - even if the measure is anti - indicate specific and detailed language and feel  Is the origin of culture. It also means that publishers believe that the market is a literary translator. However, so  By definition, however, ignores the nationalist criteria for literary translation, translated literature, although the  Assimilation is the process of translating and publishing books to new readers, those who are able  Cultures other than their own language to language books are read, opens. The literary translator  As the creator of a new work culture in the target language and culture at the border works. At the border, the identities  Flux and is constantly exposed to interpreters, stickers delivered as an Arab,  English, or French, be they verbal or non-native language when he pushes her disturbing me now

Moreover, the network of connections to literary translators, financial and social practices in  Belong to the publishing industry. Must be signed, and decisions are agreed upon payments  The final deadline to submit written about copyright and the translation is taken. These things are usually Translators  Alone in their negotiations with publishers are doing. Publisher may amount to  Payment of fee to the interpreter to translate. Usually the original author royalty equal to 8 percent  2% more for the interpreter accepts and does not remain in effect. The publisher Translator the Eye  Additional cost cutting looks based on royalty, or the low payment per thousand  He pays a fixed fee to the word. Many literary translators, instead of the wage  Work, the following are based on an estimate of the time required to translate a work of pre Publisher  Must pay. In England, some advocacy organizations or institutions such as the Ministry of Culture or Arts Council  National Endowment for the Humanities in America, to allocate grants to the publishers of  Thus, part of the cost of printing the translations assume (r.K. translation strategies.) Usually  Such contracts have been translated into their language interpreter must adhere to the original text and the  He pledged to make corrections to sample typeset by the publisher.

The arrangements may vary from country to country. In countries where the need to translate  To increase, there may be a group of publishers, translators try to work within your organization.  For example, in France, where the company is affiliated with the publication of literary translators, some of  Publishers are professional management and readers of reports, pay fees  Translation and translators, and overall management of the supply chain are responsible for (Matrn.) 1994 in the UK and  It is more likely that the United States publishers know freelancers who work or  The recommended oral (friend), benchmark or reference to previous work guidebooks  Literary translators with whom they contract.  Literary translators are usually a broker, because he was interested in little clusters of Chinese Translators  Not literal. There are forums that they recommend interpreters and legal aid contracts  In cases of dispute, but the associations according to their nature, the actual negotiations  Individual contracts do not interfere. As literary translators, writers, social groups  Heterogeneous. Some of their inheritance or because they can, thanks to the translation of  Bestsellers book sales windfall gain to pass the time. Some literary translation with  All or part-time jobs or other things combine academic. But around the world, life  Freelancers are dependent on the money they earn to help pay the translator Wheels  Life was not lame.

What is the author's final revival of literary translation and interpreting translation process Azmtrjmy Another slight difference is that the translations have been impressed with the special effects. However, whether the  Is a writer living, working, and what about the classics in particular, of  Previous translations done, the work of literary translators, stages and there are common problems. To
Conditions are such that the translators about this thing Nnvysnd (. GEORGE Ashtanyr) 1975,  Lake now has a number of case studies about practices translators (. Example  Flstnyr Levine 1980.) 1991 First of all the interpreter are engraved with the words on paper  Faces that are used in the text marked with special resonate. The author of the words  Posts that may or may not have the looks and interior, however, now in the  Hzarrng number of readings to take over the target language readers.  There are commonalities between the readings at least original. Literary translator based on readings  Personal research and Hlaqyt their new model raises different languages. Then this new creation,  According to various interpretations that go beyond the original intentions of the writer or translator. Surely preparation  Critical for translating, reading and re-reading and careful study about the source text and other works  Author. Sometimes this involves traveling to the country and author of historical and literary research.  It helps the interpreter to read books that are similar but different roles in the target culture  Play. Flstynr (1980) for the lyrics to Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet, to understand, to  T read the lyrics. Feed. Elliot payment. If the author is alive, can contributions  Utilize different.

Some writers seem to enjoy participating in the translation, even to the extent that the final result,  New and expanded translation is that there are new discussions (. Levine.) 1991, a group of translators  The draft itself, adding marginal comments. Sometimes interpreter is likely to work very  Made the decision is limited to a very close relationship with the translation strategies  Strategy, item for item equivalence, it moves. This makes the role of the translator in the field of  Be more effective (Vnvty.) 1995 literary translators who decide about the field work  Are translated in research, and seeks to maintain a more intuitive style that  The author is Mdartr (. PETER.) 1995 Translator translates any kind of strategy that is used, the  His translation of the manuscript and numerous readings and subsequently delivered to the final form Dstnvsht  Defines publishers.  The text is very critical. External forces can change the translation process or have  Defect formation. May be published as a movie or a dramatic script  Directed to be deposited during the execution of the translation work altered, or the official  London's theater companies have held that it may be a translation of a major literary authors  He should be on it, provided the prescription literature.  Sometimes it is necessary to start translating poetry and short lyrical or literary work, massive and prose of  Utilize different strategies. Translated fiction have their weights, illustrations and  The authors used a variety of symptoms in hundreds of pages long, intertwined (. Lyon.) And read 1991
Repeated research, enabling the interpreter to identify these patterns, although the process  Rewriting the fictional translator, a semi-conscious thing going on. The text is packed full of ambiguity  And is an alternative meanings, such as the works of James Joyce, the main effect of language translator  Measure sap and sparked ideas, work will also suffer disruption of the target culture
Is (Kvnd - scooter.) 1994 the literary translation process extremely social and cultural mix And the interpreter plays an important role in complex transactions.