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First question: Why do you think you can write?
A familiar voice? An inner voice! Listen... The other sounds you hear this sound familiar? Much more negative than positive that their voices sound familiar. Let me give an example: Suppose a sculptor who wants a piece of rough stone and the shape of the body can become a prince, but it seems to be impossible in many people's The authors also do not expect to create a masterpiece from scratch. 

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How to sell an apartment correctly

The first rule: in order to sell an apartment quickly, it is necessary to establish a fair price - not lowered, but not overpriced, but corresponding to the average price index for the real estate market in the area, type of house, floor.
Of course, you can conduct the analysis yourself, but it is always better to contact a professional who is well-orientated in prices and can quickly advise on the price range for your apartment, calling it the minimum and maximum cost and determining approximate sales times for each set price.
At a fair price, the apartment is sold for 2-4 weeks, with an undervaluation - in less than 2 weeks, with an inflated price - for several months.
This pattern must be remembered when setting the price of the apartment you want to sell. Suppose that you decided to slightly overstate the real value of your housing. What's happening? The offer for the sale "depends" for half a year, while the average prices for the segment of your housing will not rise to the originally announced price, or until there is a buyer who is willing to buy an apartment in this area. But as a result, as a rule, the transaction takes place at a fair price - only for another period of time. Contacting a real estate agency, you get a chance:
- quickly determine the optimal cost of an apartment; - learn how to negate the shortcomings of your apartment both in the announcement and in live communication with potential buyers; - choose any of the proposed strategies for the sale of housing, taking into account your willingness to wait for the right buyer; - quickly and on favorable terms for you to formalize the transaction with the help of a qualified specialist; - Search for properties for sale through Own in Stevenage
The second rule: carry out the necessary pre-sale preparation of the apartment. Perhaps, it is not worthwhile to carry out the renovation, but something still needs to be done:
Remove all foreign odors. When potential buyers come to inspect the apartment, they get the first impression of the smells coming from behind the door. And if you do not feel them - it does not mean that they are not. In any apartment, in due course, the specific smells of the previous tenants are accumulated - from the furniture that stood in the apartment, from the wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen and even from the balcony. Smells already at a subconscious level inform buyers about some "stale" housing, introduce an element of skepticism in the analysis of the offer to sell an apartment. The main carriers of odors are wallpapers and curtains, as well as any other items made of cloth, paper and wood. Get rid of them, glue new wallpapers, perhaps inexpensive, but light, fresh and tidy, throw away all the rugs and curtains, empty the apartment of old furniture, wash the floors and bathrooms with special detergents, ventilate the apartment, open all the windows at least on 4 hours. But do not overdo it: repair should not be evident, otherwise it may suggest a recent fire, flood or other trouble that you are trying to hide in an emergency. Eliminate all signs of untidiness of the room. Wash the windows thoroughly - they should be transparent. Rub glazed tile and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. If the apartment has insects - be sure to conduct a disinfestation. Free up as much space as possible. All cabinets and "walls" need to be taken out, as they "eat up" space and create a feeling for customers that they will have to pay money for an apartment of a smaller area. But absolutely all the furniture should not be taken out, as the visitors of the apartment can feel the emptiness of the non-residential premises and experience discomfort. Create an atmosphere of coziness. Before the arrival of customers, weld freshly ground coffee, for example, with cardamom, brew aromatic tea, cut orange slices - the apartment will be filled with smells that cause appeasement and cheer. Very many sellers of apartments in vain do not attach importance to the factor of psychological impact. Ask the cleaning lady to clean up the entrance. It's no secret that if the theater starts with a hanger, then selling an apartment - from the hall and the elevator, they should not cause a feeling of disgust.
Choose the time of day for the examination taking into account the location of the apartment. For example, if your accommodation is not on the sunny side of the street, then you should not invite buyers on a clear noon, the same applies to the situation if the view from the apartment is quite unpresentable.
Try to set up an apartment for sale at the height of the season. Traditionally, for sellers of real estate, it begins after September 15 (but it should be bought in May-June). To the elite real estate seasonal factor is not applicable, the same can be said about any apartment for which a fair price is set. The third rule: tidy up all documents and solve all legal issues affecting the sale process.