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First question: Why do you think you can write?
A familiar voice? An inner voice! Listen... The other sounds you hear this sound familiar? Much more negative than positive that their voices sound familiar. Let me give an example: Suppose a sculptor who wants a piece of rough stone and the shape of the body can become a prince, but it seems to be impossible in many people's The authors also do not expect to create a masterpiece from scratch. 

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Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Mykhaylovych (born November 11 (according to the Old Style calendar: October 30), 1821 - died February 9 (according to the Old Style calendar: January 29) in 1881 AD). Russ was a famous and influential writer. A unique feature of the psychoanalytic and psychological aspects of the characters. Surrealist manifesto based on Dostoevsky's writings offered.
Most of his stories, his character as a people person, sin-ridden patient and psychosis. First, for a living to pay for the translation, and the works of Balzac and the Grande Eugene Don Carlos of Schiller translation.
Different names in various ways in Farsi translators author wrote: "Dostoyevsky", "Dostoevsky" and "Dostoevsky" the latter seems closer to the pronunciation of his name in English and Persian incorporated in the same manner. Xerxes, the Dostoyevsky biography Deyhimi translation by Edward Hallett Carr called him the "Dostoevsky" Vrdhast. His name is also translated texts as forms of "Fyodor" and "Fyodor" provided.

Fyodor Dostoevsky family Mykhaylovych second child was born on October 30, 1821. His father was a physician and her mother had immigrated from Ukraine to Moscow, a Moscow merchant. At ten years old, his parents bought a farm in a small suburb of Tula near Moscow, which then spent the summer in this location.
In 1834, along with his brother were sent to boarding school and stayed there for three years. His mother died at the age of fifteen. In the same year at the St. Petersburg Military Engineering entrance exams successfully passed the College in January 1838. In summer 1839 he came to his father's death.
He graduated from the Military Academy in 1843 with a degree and a career officer in the Department of Engineering won the war. Paternal inheritance until the summer of 1844 by virtue of Vlkhrjyhay completed. Eugene Grande translation of Balzac and the same year he resigned from the army.
In the winter of 1844-1845 novella poor people who wrote the great Russian writers, thereby making the rounds and earned fame. Two years later Twin tales, Mr. and Mrs. Prvkharchyn landlord wrote.
Was arrested by the secret police in 1849 on charges of subversion. He demanded that the military court sentenced to death on December 19, and then served four years in prison and commute in simple uniform change.
Seizures in exile and in prison until the end of his life, was caught it would occur. Came out of prison on February 15, 1854 Costume soldiers over the course of the next sentence. Serving as the Seventh Infantry Battalion Yield was sent to Siberia.
On February 6, 1857, after two years of desperate love with "Maria Dymytryvna" widow married a customs officer. In the spring of 1859 he was admitted to resign from the army and was able to move near Moscow. Mvjan sleep and wrote two stories published Ashpyanchykvv village. Alexander II sent a petition is hereby allowed to go to St. Petersburg.
His brother had been published in journals - "Vremya" - began his journalism. From June to August 1862 he traveled to Europe. Shameful episode in the story called "Vremya" as published. In the month of June 1863 "Vremya" was closed. Part of the summer and autumn of 1863 he spent with his beloved in Europe. On 10 July 1864, "Mikhail Dostoyevsky's" eldest brother died. Dymytryvna Maria died on 16 April 1864. Between 64 to 1,862 books published memoir House to the dead and hurt.
Crime and Punishment in 1866 and in October of the same year he wrote his novel The Gambler wrote it in 26 days with Tndnvysy "Anna Grygvryvna" Done. On February 15, 1867 by Anna married in April of that year he traveled to Europe with his wife and returned to Russia in the summer of 1871. The trip repeatedly lost their money in the casinos. First year and second year traveling in Italy and in Switzerland the last two years he spent in Dresden.
In February 1868, her daughter "Sophia" was born more than three months left to live. Write a fool in Florence in January 1869 and completed in the fall of that year in Dresden husband ever wrote. In September 1869 his second daughter named "Lioubov" was born.
Zhvybh Jnzdgan finished writing in 1871. In the summer of that year, his son called "Fdya" was born. Beginning in 1873 the editor of the magazine "Grazh Danyn" and continues until March of next year. Raw young 75-1874 wrote that during the winter 1875 issue of the journal "Avtchstyh Zabysky" was published.
"Lyvsha" last child was born in August 1875 at the age of three, died in the attack of epilepsy. 77-1876 author logbooks during the same name published in the newspaper. The Brothers Karamazov 79-1880 gradually during the "Rusk Vestnyk" was released. The three-day celebration commemorating Pushkin speech at the pinnacle of glory in his lifetime and he died of lung bleeding in early February 1881.

Works :
- Poor (1846)
- Twin (1846)
- Mr. Prvkharchyn (1846)
- Mrs. Landlord (1847)
- Nazkdl (1848)
- White Nights (1848)
- Thief character (1848)
- Christmas tree and Marriage (1848)
- Pvlzvnkvf (1848)
- Statements Tvchka (1849)
- Sleep Mvjan (1859)
- Village Astpanchykvv (1859)
- Irritation and contempt for men (1861)
- Diary of the Dead House (1862)
- A gruesome tales (Shamelessly story) (1862)
- Notes from the Underground (1864)
- Crocodile (1865)
- Crime and Punishment (1866)
- Gambler (1867)
- Idiot (1869)
- Always Husband (1870)
- Jen victims (those captured) (1872)
- Bvbvk (1873)
- Raw Youth (1875)
- Cheri (1876)
- Mary Farmer (1876)
- Dream of Ridiculous Man (1877)
- The Brothers Karamazov (1881)
- Rhetoric Pushkin
- Diary of a writer