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First question: Why do you think you can write?
A familiar voice? An inner voice! Listen... The other sounds you hear this sound familiar? Much more negative than positive that their voices sound familiar. Let me give an example: Suppose a sculptor who wants a piece of rough stone and the shape of the body can become a prince, but it seems to be impossible in many people's The authors also do not expect to create a masterpiece from scratch. 

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Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri (born in Florence in 1265 and died in Ravenna in September 1321 AD) poet in Italy was. He was an influential factor in the politics of his home state. Dante's literary writings in Italy and throughout Europe Aftadhast effective.Dante in his lifetime, he published several books, notably "The Divine Comedy". "New Life", "banquet", "royal", and "music" is. The book "The Divine Comedy" was written in three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.

He was born in Florence. Dante's correct date of birth is unknown, but is believed to have been born on this date in the year 1265. This date is a conclusion drawn from the autobiographical book of Dante's Divine Comedy - Inferno, which is ironic when he said: Halfway through the journey of life. According to the Bible, the average human life span is 70 years Vlza this "halfway through the journey of life" will be equal to 35 years. The Divine Comedy Writing began in 1300 [ 1307 is not 1300, and that the account of Dante's Divine Comedy, 35 years old at the time of writing, the number of deaths for the year 1265 comes to his birth. Some of the poems in the Paradise of Dante's Divine Comedy evidence given that they are based on Gemini has come into the world, as it says: "The eternal dichotomy that was the gyre, as output is openly hills was threshers lands We saw that with his cruelty, "but Nymytvan these as definitive statements by Dante to be Vladtsh. Florence's childhood constantly between rival gangs Gylybynyha and Guelph was handed down. Finally Guelph (Dante's family had both of them), the city was conquered. Soon Guelph difference between blacks and whites fell and were divided into categories. Dante spent his childhood and adolescence in such turbulent times, The first defendant was apparently educated at the University of Bologna and the school house the Younger Brothers (Frati Minori) in Santa Croce attended, but the bulk of his philosophical and intellectual growth owes a great scientist called "Latin Brvntv"(Brunto Latini) that the XV song Inferno to detail and respect he has learned.

It was the childhood love of Dante's fabulous and famous Beatrix Pvrtynary began to tinker though never did end. Ten years after he wrote the first of his romantic songs. Dante in 1293 (one year after the death of Beatrix) with a woman named Gemma Donut House (Donnati), a distinguished Florentine family, was married and had four children of the marriage. Meanwhile, in a skirmish between the troops of Florence and her other neighbors, notably the Battle of the company Kampaldynv was. About thirty years to pay for political activities. Join in the years 1296 and 1297, "the hundred" was selected in 1300 as the ambassador to "Jymnyanv age", he directed two months in 1301 as Chief Justice in his hometown and in the At least ten fiery speeches against the Pope Bvtyfatsyvy the unyielding objection that was all his subsequent misfortunes. In 1300 between the political class in rich white and black delegates were in favor of a medley of popular classes had a strong over the hatred Tvzyhay added fuel to the. The fun way to expand their influence to relaxing and Cardinal "Kvyasparta" sent to Florence, but he failed to do, the fun times, Charles de Valva "brother" Lvbl Philip King of France help. Florentine very concerned about this issue, and those whites who were working at the time as Ambassador Extraordinary to the Pope sent three people to give her to the idea, one of the three was Dante. Shortly after the beginning of the journey that Charles de Valva and triumphantly entered the pop group Florence and from there drove whites and blacks succumbed to the office. Dante was the biggest victim of this change was the introduction Tsfyhay.

The first sentence of the court on January 27, 1302 in Florence, Dante was issued against him in absentia for alleged misuse of public property and to pay five thousand Fyvrynv fines and two years in exile from Florence and permanent deprivation of civic rights condemned. Forty days later, another decree was issued against him and that he was sentenced to judicial and security authorities that the fire burned in Florence would have to be alive. After an extended period of wandering and vagabond poet who lived until he was broke. This time he met his wife and two daughters, who did not allow them to leave the city and could only see two of his sons in late life. A couple of years in Siena (Sienna) spent. Since the age Gvdynv and Verona (Verona) and then Padova (Padova) went everywhere with a warm welcome and the courts and palaces of rulers and elders face was thrust upon him.

From 1314 to 1316 the number of deaths in the city of Lucca (Lucca) was living in the last house tour in nearly twenty years and Mrvftrynshan Ravenna (Ravenna), respectively. Dante in the city until 1321, the guest, " Gunn Grande della Scala "and the person who has contributed to Dante's Divine Kmydh. In the summer of this year's Kent da Pvlnta, the ruler of the city, sent as ambassador extraordinary to foreign missions. On his return from this mission, he suffered a severe sudden fever and the fever in the evening of 14 September 1321 took him to the death. At this time 56 years old. The last time he said, "I wish I had died in his home."

After his death the body was stormed Dadu Florentine poet and his great genius, but then they went and this time Florentine Ravnayyha under their stratagem to "kill Tvbrh the Ravenna territory" and to reclaim the body of Dante. But this time the brothers "inferior" to Ravenna and Florentine cunning trick and carried the corpse away the largest city in its own territory kept. Dante's tomb in Ravnast.