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First question: Why do you think you can write?
A familiar voice? An inner voice! Listen... The other sounds you hear this sound familiar? Much more negative than positive that their voices sound familiar. Let me give an example: Suppose a sculptor who wants a piece of rough stone and the shape of the body can become a prince, but it seems to be impossible in many people's The authors also do not expect to create a masterpiece from scratch. 

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What is a good poem?

poetry is good poetry delight someone will pick it up. This definition simply tells us what the song is good but why not mention anything., You see a beautiful painting, full of ecstasy and pleasure comin login. Why Because of its elegant proportions and rules and thus to form together and we watch full of fun and the same taste in the poetry of But it's also appropriate definition of the listener not a Good poetry should be analyzed to identify the identity of it.

Interactions with human emotions and feelings of the poet Du a critical thinker. Good poetry is what feelings, emotions, passions and moods of their owners, the thought of a steamy hot detailed look Brain Prjvsh exciting and passionate story of blood is a. People who only exercise the power of memory and explore the many past and contemporary poems, nature poems and lyrics say, not poets and poems they show their spirit will not do. Slh Bgyrany because of the element his ability Unable said the poet. The purpose of the poem is a poem poet worthy of the nose and at a time or to a dark time in the midst of various emotions and feelings, and the density is said to be an emotional moment. Have you ever thought why not enjoy Song for Abdn Shmalzt and other Drfrdy? Have you noticed that the translation of this great classic poetry is taught in schools and textbooks there is a fun Nmybryd? Did you know that poets and their poetry of those poets. Poor/poor and oppressed have been as great or wise Masud Saad Salman Ferdowsi in Toos your influence to wealthy earners as those Slh Anvari/Farouki/element Mdayh Hakim Sanai and Only the strong poet tells us to sing? Good poetry is directly related to the moral poet. Whatever emotions and morality when the poet is writing stronger and more noble, more and more good poetry is produced. But good poetry is divided into two 1: Private lyrics/poems that are written for a specific person/Khusraw said about the beloved comic is rejected because its leaders have said they wrote their own lyrics Sing 2 = General Poetry Poetry Public good, ethics, passion and a great poet. It is impossible for someone who has good morals and good character is a good song to tell everyone he knows it. General A good poem is a poem that is told of a public good and moral. This poem is good all the time and everywhere, Myazar Murray is the kernel cache/John and John is a good sweet/poet, his work and the good traits that also translate the whole world and meaning of the poetry is... Moghadas  Good poetry is good and worked well understood, well and good to be deposited in the translation memory and this is not good unless it's to say it simple morality, the sense of and excitement to be as well as tastes severe.

Ethical lyrics:
Moral poems poetry that seeks to promote the principles of good, healthy emotions, thoughts and ideas freedom, patriotism and honor, friendship, truth and charity, and refrain from making posts traits. Because of the different races and different ages have different morals, more or less, the arbitration in such poems as well Vbdy should consider these differences. These particular individuals writer of poetry, the most difficult type of poetry is its Such persons are relatively rare, the number of things than in thought are primarily poets. This is the greatest poet Ferdowsi Tusi Tayrany simple and hard life he lives and livelihood, his moral and spiritual self-purification and ambitious man, he is free and clear of his poems as well as his innate courage of morality and Mosaffa First he made the order on which their ancestors did then Mtmlqyn like other poets, made his court favored despots like Mahmoud Ghaznavi and flatter and flatter, the court may draw-ROM Access Time. Omar Khayyam with innate knowledge and talent with little help from his close friend and Nishapur Nizam al-Mulk was convinced she was sitting, and now her free to think, and London to literary circles disperses Paris. Khosrow Ali Ymgan isolation of the mountain and the idea of ​​free and fearless and bloodthirsty fanatics around the perimeter of his publishes and Ibn Yamin Khorasani refused to approach the court and the facts pert of his Vtnan does.

Descriptive poetry: poems in which the poet is making the drawing board. The boards of both the physical and natural drawing or painting is a spiritual and psychological. Expressions of love, anger, pleasure, Gloom, Glory, Combat and feasts, hunting, define beauty, paintings of nature such as sky, shining, dark, mountain, river, garden, and so it should be considered as a descriptive poems.

Narrative Poems: The Poetry of historical events, stories, tales and stories to the situation. The oldest type of poetry is poetry, the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer, the Greek words of the first verse, the number of this kind of poetry. These technologies, such as military Wild has known experts such as Shahnameh is considered. Saadi Gardens anecdotes and narratives with which it has no validity and carry a book of poetry called, because she wanted to just express Saadi public morality and the living is not a narrative and the narrative of the order and the attribute, and not the Two characters from the epic retarded.