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First question: Why do you think you can write?
A familiar voice? An inner voice! Listen... The other sounds you hear this sound familiar? Much more negative than positive that their voices sound familiar. Let me give an example: Suppose a sculptor who wants a piece of rough stone and the shape of the body can become a prince, but it seems to be impossible in many people's The authors also do not expect to create a masterpiece from scratch. 

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What is Literature?

Literature is the art of words, poet and author of materials that are enjoying their emotions and imagination it takes to dispose of a literary work of art creates. In literature, poet and writer tries his thoughts and emotions into words and phrases to express the most appropriate and beautiful. It works the same words that are written and maintained public deserves to know the entire history of their reading and listening pleasure.  We sometimes seem like the most brilliant literary culture Shahnameh Beyhaqi, Masnavi, Bustan and Gulistan of Saadi, Hafez lyrics and... Which are among the richest and eloquent literary world.  We should also like their ancestors, so that investors know Granbhara with good reading and understanding these valuable works properly, the heart and soul of their work and their increasing efforts to increase the richness and grandeur.  Despite this fact, believing that eternal inheritance funds worth - that denying our pride among the nations of the world - we can show in a sea of ​​their own literature, foreign literature and culture, we also enjoy ourselves.

Come in a variety of literary
In all branches of science and art, divided into categories and genres, the easier it is to understand and learn faster. It is also necessary to identify and evaluate literary works., Our past literary works mainly classified according to their form and shape the way we see the same trust, except the form of lyric poem qasidas other formats roba'eis eg, Couplet, Rumi and... The forms are named. Classification and nomenclature of Persian prose writing style has been paced by such a simple poem and prose. In the world literature, literary thought and content of the four epic, lyrical, dramatic, and education is divided.

Epic literature
In terms of literary and narrative epic story of the imagined history that a nation of extraordinary events Ladh Ghahremanian and apply the blends, the main features of the epic, and the story is fiction. The ideal man is superior in terms of physical strength and intellectual elite and privileged, or other characteristics, is epic. Epic events in the habit of abnormal events that can be seen and the great ideals and aspirations of a nation on religious, moral and social system of the nation bring and beliefs of the overall main issues Humans creation, life and death, but it does not say.  Ferdowsi's epic Supreme Shahnamh’ example, the teacher spoke, the greatest epic poet Ferdowsi around 329-416 AH Order it began. Ferdowsi's Shahnameh order suffered for over thirty years and it is said that the palace of the foster system is not protected against the wind and rain. One of the three mythological epic, epic, historic divide. Grief e Rustam and Sohrab from Shahnama epic story is the most prominent.

Dramatic Literature
Dramatic literature as a form of literature that appear on the screen. This kind of literature is more common in ancient Greece and Rome.The main theme of dramatic literature linking human life and nature and its fundamental duty to analyze the human psyche and how he dealt with life events.  Dramatic literature in the West, tragedy, comedy and drama is divided. Image tragedy, failure is eminent persons; comedy defects and vices of moral imagination is a species that is denying the laughter and the drama is an attempt to show that the ordinary life of all conflict.  Themes and content of the show may be a religious, national, political, and social. View a historically always been to create a movement among the people treated were sometimes very Ta’syr transition. History of dramatic literature in modern style but not quite a hundred years is considered a form of religious art and religious views, exemplifies the dramatic literature of Persian style is the long elegy to the martyrs of Karbala are performed.

Introduction to Fiction Bradbyat {traditional}
The oldest, most popular and at the same time, the most popular literary genre among nations "legend" or "story" in the broader sense of "story" is, in other words, the human being and of his time and place in which the events been facing, sometimes true, sometimes tinged with imagination "story" is his image. Qsh’ love him man to man, man to God's love, God's love for man, and epic battles against the invaders Qsh’, publication ethics and virtues shared experiences transfer to others... All the stories in the crystal is shown. Thus the "fiction" of popular literature have called the most artistic.  Fiction - What to order and what prose - very full and rich expression of tones, and sometimes beliefs, association, affinity and struggles in a word, is a way of life in the East. People who have never lived without a story. For example, it is sufficient to eliminate all traces Shahnamh’ fiction books such as Ferdowsi, Samak scale, Kalila wa Dimna and the Thousand and One Nights as well as great stories and prose and Rumi and Attar to Saadi brief Byfgnym the Bbalym precious and venerable relic of his ancestors. If the narrative components and interpret the history books and texts on this Hara biography add, the vast bulk of the supreme creators would have it better. The object of the sublime, the way of solving, fine view of the story's path and has long-lasting and sometimes it Brzban our culture elders have PEN.